RDS creates employment and income-earning opportunities for the poorly organized group members through providing skills training, management training, etc. and providing credit supports. It uses group savings, donors’ fund and revolving loan funds of the organization. So far it has provided support among 1200 group members for undertaking small income-generating activities, who have been running their IGAs profitably and effectively and earning an extra-income for families & also self-employed.  Of them 90% are women and 10% men are in our credit operations. The loan realization is about 100%. Generally, the group members are encouraged getting a membership with savings and then building their capacity for different issued of development such as leadership development, group consistent, participation and income generation. After that of their interest and aspiration, they are provided credit to them. During the credit period, they also provided follow up support and build linkages with other social networks for other social support. The group size has been confined 15-20 members having a small group of 4-5 members, each group has a committee for president, secretary, and treasurers.