Rural Development Society (RDS)

(A non-governmental voluntary organization)

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Vision, Mission and Goals


Generating access for human quality life where the disadvantaged people will enjoy their rights and social justice thus having their better livelihoods. Human Rights, women rights improvement, socio- economic development and empowerment of poor underprivileged people specially disable, woman and children. Setup an equitable, capable, democratic and peaceful society without poverty.


To establish the rights and secure position of disadvantaged poor people destitute men, women and children, including the indigenous community by community mobilization, through making them capable, aware Self-sufficient, decision maker, self governed etc by building capacity, institution, capital by utilizing local resources and imparting felt-need based problem solving programs providing necessary skilled, training and experienced staff for better livelihoods and Food security.

Goal of RDS:

Promoted Human Rights and secure position of poor destitute men, women and children under privileged people of the society through different types of training, make people capable, conscious able to take part in development Income Generating activities, providing employment and Creation mass awareness on general health issues and providing basic medical facilities and build poor people’s capacity to meet nutritional requirements.