Rural Development Society (RDS)

(A non-governmental voluntary organization)

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Our Objectives


  • Establishment Human Rights for all people of our society where everybody will enjoy equal rights.
  • Attainment of socio-economic development for the underprivileged people.
  • Educating the people through formal and non-formal education.
  • Empowerment women by censuring gender equality in all development activities.
  • Attainment of sustainability of programs.



  • To organize the poor and disadvantaged people into groups towards institution development.
  • To capacitate the organized people through participatory training, workshop, seminar, meeting and conference in order to enable them for program implant negation skill and to establish rights.
  • Provide credit supports services for Income Generating activities
  • Provide necessary technical skill and revolving loan support to the poor people to help them for improving their economic condition and ensure their employment.
  • To create health care, Sanitation & pure drinking water.