Rural Development Society (RDS)

(A non-governmental voluntary organization)

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Management Structure:

RDS has development and organized a structured management system which is not bureaucratic the Organ gram shows the relations and accountability both and horizontally.

General Body:

21 Members General Body is the heights body of RDS. It holds supreme authority in the organization. The committee generally meets once a year. However, if necessary, it can summon emergency meeting. The members of the general committee pay regular monthly subscription; actively take party in each meeting of gender committee and different social work. The General Committee forms the Executive Committee, and approve annual budget.

Executive Committee of the Organization:

The members of the General Body elect 7-members Executive Committee for the period of two years. The EC sits once in a quarter to lock after the activities of the organization and takes necessary decisions. The Committee is responsible for overall management of total program/project implementation by the organization. The responsible for overall management of the Committee is to create income sources and maintain accounts, budget preparation and Bank account operation participate in bi-monthly and special meeting, deposit and fixed assets and liquid assets.

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