Rural Development Society (RDS)

(A non-governmental voluntary organization)

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It was founded by RUHUL KUDDUS who was a dedicated social worker. He had contributed to numerous charity initiatives for underprivileged people in the Southwestern part of Bangladesh. He had been engaged in a number of charity works total Bangladesh.

At present, Gulshanara Khatun is an Executive Director of RDS. She is a dedicated social worker.

Gulshanara Khatun is one of the dedicated development workers along with a group of local workers established RDS in 2000 and started to implement development program activities in his own village’s area under Jhikargacha Upazila. Now RDS has achieved huge experience by various programs with the help of Bangladeshi and abroad donors. RDS has obtained NGO bureau Registration.

The scenario’s of RDS’s working area is that the women are socially disadvantaged, little no access to health facilities and economically vulnerable. They are denied the legal, human and democratic rights and employment opportunities. It is fact that the rights of women and children are violated in family, community and institutions. Most of the woman and children have affected by malnutrition. On the other hand health services are quite inadequate and they have no proper heath education. We think; the participatory process is the way and means to develop the socio-economic condition of the people right now.

RDS has great functional and professional relationship with departments of GOB, National and International donor organizations, networking Organizations, as well as poor and marginal communities. Continuation of positive initiatives and efforts of RDS contribute to make a good reputation and nice acceptance to the communities and government.

Since the inception of its experience RDS has already been implemented different prevention and awareness related education, health, legal aid programs and other development programs in the different areas both in rural and urban areas. The targeted people of RDS are poor distressed and the marginalized classes of the society.