About our school

Welcome to our website. Thank you very much for discovering it. We offer a wide range of courses in this school, backed by experienced, specialist teaching staff excellent facilities and resources. Rangdhanu School is a almost non-profitable organization run . The institution, growing from a Kindergarten to a Junior School and then to a secondary school, has now emerged as a leading School of Bangladesh. Since inception, the institute has been enjoying a proud record of academic quality and innovation. Over the years, it has generated a significant number of employments of qualified academicians, administrators and staffs.

Almost 100% of our students come to this School following personal recommendation from pervious students or their parents. The management believes that its sole determination is to help achieve their potentials and make Rangdhanu Digital School the perfect environment for successful study.


Our mission is to develop young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.


Learning transfers to life beyond the Rangdhanu Digital School School District experience, enabling each student to flourish as a responsible citizen in the global community

Principal"s Message

I welcome you all to Rangdhanu Digital School and express my heartfelt thanks for visiting us online. We consider every child as unique and so we maintain inclusive learning-teaching environment at every step in our great set-up. It is a fact now that our results are getting better in the public examinations every time. It has been made possible through our extensive and effective care stretched out to every individual student. Our students conglomerate here from multifarious backgrounds; various strata of the society. They enter the threshold of our strong and fortified home of learning bearing poor and low GPA in their bags of achievement. We put them into unequivocal discipline, rear them up with their shoulders erect, guide them to the emerald path of success and when they come out with their heads up at the end of their academic session, they certainly attain GPA prominently higher.

About School (English & Bangla Medium)

Rangdhanu Digital School toils to groom up your child with our own culture, heritage and tradition. For that we follow NCTB syllabus both in Bangla and English Version. Students from Play Group/ Nursery to Class X are run under the School Administration.

Nowadays after the admission of a child to a school, we urge him both at school and at home to study longer selectively, to make notes, to collect the notes of a senior teacher and to follow them, to learn them by rote for obtaining higher marks in the examination. As a result instead of feeling any inclination to study they become apathetic, terrified and frightened of study. For this reason we will take all effective measures to inspire every student right from the nursery class.


Internet Facility

The college has a rich library. Students use the library in the tiffin period, Students of full-time schooling after lunch and residential students in the afternoon. The library is enriched with newspapers, magazines, periodicals along with textual, co-textual, story, novel and general knowledge books. We have now a lot of books in the library. The library is fully air conditioned.

There is DSL Connection to facilitate Internet access to the students. Computer Lab Assistant monitor and assist the use of Internet in the computer laboratory. Students are allowed to surf on the net for learning purpose only.



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